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Industrial closures

For the supply and assembly of fixed and mobile industrial covers and Sliding walls in PVC.

Industrial closures

Supply and assembly of fixed and mobile industrial covers and quick closing systems.

Quick closing systems:

  • Ideal solutions for companies that need to transit, frequently and quickly, with men and vehicles through openings.
  • They can be installed close to the opening of a structure or a mobile tunnel, both internally and externally.
  • Less dispersion of heat or cold and better sound insulation
  • PANIC SYSTEM: automatic door opening by means of a counterweight balancing system, to facilitate the rapid exit of people and vehicles.

Sliding walls in PVC for covering of roofs, canopies, loading/unloading areas, porches of any size


  • sliding PVC covers complete with windbreak boards, trolleys and floor bolts that guarantee stability in the presence of wind
  • waterproof and weatherproof
  • customizable in various colors and combinable with transparent PVC to make the interior spaces brighter


  • we carry out a technical inspection
  • we evaluate the best solution in functional, aesthetic and economic terms
  • we formulate a detailed estimate


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