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Isothermal truck bulkheads

Teloni Tosetto manufactures custom-made isothermal truck bulkheads to be used inside vehicles for the transport of goods at controlled temperatures.

Properly locked inside the loading floor, these isothermal truck bulkheads are used as thermal insulating panels and allow you to manage two temperatures inside the vehicle: the one required for the transport of frozen goods and the one for the transport of fresh goods.

The thermal bulkhead is designed to meet specific customer needs using:

  • PVC fabric 890 gr/m2 washable
  • foam rubber interior d 30 thickness 10cm resistant to cold down to -30°C

Teloni Tosetto also manufactures rigid thermal bulkheads:

  • PVC fabric 890 gr/m2 washable
  • interior in polyethylene foam

Customization service with customer’s logo/brand is also available.

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