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Tarpaulins for containment basins

Manufacturing and installation of solutions for the collection of rainwater to be used for irrigation, basins for the fish farming sector or ornamental basins

Thanks to our experience in the field of PVC tarpaulins, we have perfected the technology of reinforced PVC tarpaulin in various colors, or two-color MEMBRANA DOUBLE FACE® for the waterproofing of water containment basins.


  • it belongs to the range of EVA/C tarpaulins, ethylene copolymer and vinyl acetate, with a high VA content
  • excellent characteristics of elasticity and adaptation to small roughness of the ground
  • resistance to perforation and surface yield, thanks to the specific weight of only 0.52 kg/m2.

Tarpaulins used as ground cover and basis for the construction of the artificial basin are:

  • pre- assembled at the factory
  • treated with anti-UV stabilizing additives and against the proliferation of microalgae
  • equipped with characteristics of extreme impermeability


  • agricultural sector: water reserves complementary to irrigation, particularly useful in periods of drought or in regions with arid or dry climate
  • environmental protection: water reserves used for the supply of fire-fighting vehicles on wheels or helicopters
  • production sector: water reserves, rainwater collection basin for water saving
  • construction industry and urban design: in public and private parks and gardens or in golf courses installation and covering of swimming pools, containers for the recovery of rainwater or waterproofing of various pipes)
  • livestock sector: basins for fish farms

The realization of the basins knows no limits of shape and size. All works perfectly adapt to the characteristics of the soil and the flow of liquids can take place both inside and outside.

For tarpaulins that exceed certain measures, it is possible to request the assistance service of our specialized technicians, who will supervise the correct drafting of the tarpaulins and provide heat sealing on site.


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